Bitcoin to me #1

It’s not something we just invest and forget. It’s a really interesting game of observation and opportunity gains. As you invest in foreign currencies, gold, silver and other commodities and keep an eye on stocks to buy and sell, the same way it keeps you engaged. So the question is, are you earning money or just making money. Earning and making are two different things according to me. You produce something and sell it, you will earn in return. Maybe you will get some profit or maybe you will be in loss but at least this practice will lead you towards a productive activity. People can copy you, they can compete you, you will bring some innovation in your service or product brands but ultimately with a healthy competition you will grow day by day. In stocks and other position based investments are not something productive in a sense that you might will become and addict of it. Your mind will just get stuck somewhere, ultimately you will be rolling like a dice which is looking for six on all faces. Being productive is a blessing and it takes time to be productive, we cannot bet on ourselves unless we have spent a number of years in a very hard training for being productive. It’s not about being donkey. It’s not about working as non profit organization or as open source. Procedures evolve, ideas work, things grow unless you miss some elements in stacks. People normally miss a few important elements in their stacks and then blame others for their failures. Moving slow isn’t bad at all, moving awkward is dangerous. Moving slow could be with an interval or 10 with a variable initial value 0 but moving awkward means a fluctuation which is not resembling with your previous intervals. So for me bitcoin isn’t bad at all but the people who are immediately attracted towards crypto currency are just easy money lovers. I appreciate those who do this occasionally or for some temporary fixes but if someone is totally engaged in it, he will become the poster of that market. You will see him all the time there, he will never get a level of satisfaction because his satisfaction is attached to a number which will never become constant. So it’s good move the things instead of being moved by the things. I love those who work for stability and something productive which isn’t in result of other’s ignorance or just a game of opportunity.

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